Day 3: The Name of the Game

It’s always nice to know what you’re aiming towards, and having a name is part of that, I find. So today’s challenge was to come up with a name and a logo for the game. It was the first chance D had to do some graphics on the computer, rather than drawing it by hand.

Complex discussions in the Development Studio. Yes, we do have worryingly coordinated shirts!

So first off we brainstormed for game names. We had

1. Save Persons, which migrated with a bit of grammar help into Save People.

2. Cave Rescue, clear favourite for Mum and I, but D didn’t seem to like it that much.

3. Get the Gold, despite Gold collecting being a minor part of the game, clearly materialism dies hard when you’re five!

4. Cave Save, again with a grammatical jiggle, ending up as Cave Saver.

D thought for a bit and chose Cave Saver. We tried to encourage him towards Cave Rescue, but no, Cave Saver it was. (Although at dinner, I asked “so what’s the game called now?” and he said “Cave Rescue”, before remembering and correcting himself. The old name, even though only three days old, may be difficult to leave behind, I think).

So then onto the logo. D typed the words in, and then we went font-hunting. There were a few that he liked, one particular Halloween font with bats that was in the running for a long time, until we came upon Bread, and decided it looked like rocky caves. D chose the green, and then decided we should have a light like in a cave, and a person, so I added the person and the two light beams. D then picked the colors for them, et voila. I give you “Cave Saver” – our summer game.

Tomorrow we start artwork. We’ll be learning how to do two-cell flipbook animations.


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