Day 4: Flick-book Bats

Today’s job was to start on the long list of art assets we need for the game. The first stop was flying bats.

We first sketched some bats together. D had tried to copy the bat from his mood board, but drawing from life is a little advanced for five, I think, so he wasn’t happy with the result. Instead we looked for more cartoon bat designs, and I figured out how to condense them into the simplest set of elements. Draw a circle, two lines, to arcs coming from either side of the circle, then zigzag from the end back to the body. And we have a bat.

D did half a dozen, before ending up with one that was perfect.

Then came animation. I showed him, with my bat, how to put another piece of paper on top and onion skin the things we want to keep the same, but change the things that are different. Dan drew over the body, then made the wings more droopy. We then put the pages together and flicked back and forth, and the bat flew! What an exciting achievement.

So we have a flying bat, on paper. Tomorrow’s job is to turn it into an animated sprite for the game.


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