Day 5: Making Our First Sprite

Today’s task was to turn yesterday’s artwork into an animated sprite for the game.

Part one was to scan D’s line art in. This was surprisingly difficult, as the scanner decided to be awkward right then. It looked like we’d have to defer until after dinner, but it managed to come to life with just enough time to do the scans.

After dinner then and a bit of tidying up and we saw how the ‘trace’ tool worked, and ended up with a black and white version of our bats in both frames. A bit of dragging to get them to line up perfectly, and the flapping began. D thought this was very cool. His drawing, from paper to flapping on screen.

Then the all important color choice. Bat’s have grey wings, said D, so that was fine. But we got stuck on body color. Research to the rescue, and a trip to google images showed us lots of options. Reddy orange was the color, with red eyes, because the bat is supposed to be nasty. A little tweak and reconsideration of the color left it as you can see it. Scary? We think so.

Tomorrow we’ll have a go at a jumping frog!

(If you’re horribly attentive, you’ll see that the bat is a mirror image of the way D drew it in yesterday’s photo. This is deliberate. We used the mirror to make two bats, one going each way.)


One response to “Day 5: Making Our First Sprite”

  1. Dom says :

    Good work Dan! 🙂 We r all thinking of u!
    from ur cousin Dom

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