Day 6: Jumping Frogs

Today’s asset is the jumping frog. Again we had to find a way of drawing frogs that D was happy with, and that looked good, so another bit of research suggested this style.

The pattern was the same as days 4 and 5, we drew sketches, then a ‘good’ version, then onion skinned it to do a simple two frame animation with the legs stretched. Here is D with his hand-drawn version.

Then scanning (scanner worked first time), tracing and coloring.

There are two colors of frogs, because of D’s game design. The red frogs are angry and hurt you, the green frogs are friendly and let you pass. You can turn angry frogs into friendly frogs by feeding them flies!

It all makes perfect sense.

A brief hiatus for a day or so now, as we’re going to an Olympic party tomorrow afternoon, so the next step will probably be on saturday, when we get the last of the animated baddies in: the ‘bad fish’.


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