Day 7: Flies

Topical, since the warm weather has brought real ones through the open windows. Mum is getting lethal with the fly swat.

Still, I suggested we do the bad fish today, but D didn’t want to. He suggested we do the maps, but because they don’t require animation, decided that the flies would be a better bet, so the flies we did.

Again a few practices of the simplified fly form, and D had the basic form mastered. Inked, scanned, and traced and there they were.

Today I wanted to talk about a different kind of animation. Rather than onion-skinned animation, I wanted to show D transform-based animation. Where you take some bit of art and squash, rotate or move it to give the impression of movement. So we made the wings separate art objects. To animate them, I showed how to squash them down. D used this tool to make the wings seem to flap. Giving us a mini-swarm of flies.

Coloring took another research trip to google images. The wings, D decided, should be white, but when I made them white (on the white background of the page), he rightly complained that they didn’t look like they’d changed. So D decided ‘yellowy-grey-white’ was the color we needed, and we ended up with these fine fellows.

I can’t predict what’s next. Plenty of art assets left to make, though. And I suspect we’re not too far off being able to put the bits we do have into a first playable demo.


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