Day 9: Tiles

Today was the least interactive day for D so far. We needed to scan the artwork from yesterday, and get it colored.

D choose a lovely color scheme for the ladders and the map board. The map board was interesting – after scanning D said it was ‘wonky’, so I showed him the ‘skew’ tool to bring it back to be square. That was fun. We also chose colors for the waterfall and its alter-ego the lava fall.

But getting the ladder to tile vertically involved a tricky bit of mirroring, which I had to demonstrate rather than letting him do. And then animating the waterfall was tricky, to make sure the repeating pattern repeated at the right distance and the right duration. That involved a little bit of math, which was tricky to explain to a five year old. Anyway, five minutes of me just getting it ready, with D watching, isn’t bad, since we’ve been going for about 5 hours now. He was chuffed with the result, and the fact that the ladders ‘could go on forever’.

We started talking about the need to draw our main character today. Despite having to fend off a change of game design (“we could make it like Mario Kart, where there’s lots of players”), the player character is going to be a big art challenge, I think. Watch this space…


3 responses to “Day 9: Tiles”

  1. Pierrick says :

    Hey ! I love the idea 🙂
    (and I follow the project from France)
    Frogs and bats are just great !
    Good luck to the team developement. 😉

  2. Dom says :

    You have really worked hard! Amazing! 😉
    from your cousin Dom

  3. David Henderson says :

    Hi Dan, This looks cool! Be sure that I will play it as soon as you finish!
    From your cousin Cameron.

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