Day 12: An Artistic Milestone

We’ve reached an important milestone today: we’ve finished our first batch of art. All the non-environmental art, except the player character (which we’re waiting for the visit of some cousins to do ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

So we can start to put the game together now, using some placeholder background art, and see how it runs. Which in turn means I need to do my bit of programming to make it happen.

These are the last two bits of art for now. The collectible fossil and the gold nuggets. Again these took two days to create (so actually we’re on Day 14 or 15, really). I made some suggestions for the gold color scheme, but D overrode me, the shiny effect didn’t please him. He said they should be yellowy-orange (duly done) and should look as if they are sparkly (rather than shiny). Good call, we had a look how to suggest that, and decided that the cross shaped highlights were the way to go. He hadn’t drawn these by hand (they came from the ‘star’ tool in the graphics package), but he placed them ‘in a line’ to get this result.

Very cool.

So we have a wall full of ticks now. I think we’ll probably find some music or sound next, as I’ve been promising we could do that for a week or so. Then its on to making some levels!


3 responses to “Day 12: An Artistic Milestone”

  1. Jane says :

    The soon-to-visit cousins are intrigued …

  2. gamefreakia says :

    started reading your AI book for our own game and ran into this blog. love it! very sweet that you’re making a game with your son ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Grandma says :

    Grandad says he’s glad the fish he catches don’t have big horrible teeth like the bad fish have. Otherwise he’d have some fingers missing.

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