Day 16: A First Level Design

Today was time to start putting things together. I put all the elements we’d made so far into the Tiled map editor so that D could place them where he wanted.

We talked about some of the rules that would be important, things like:

  • Waterfall and lava falls couldn’t start or stop in mid-air.
  • Water must go out to each side until it hits a wall.
  • The cave should not have any gaps in its sides or bottom where you can fall out.
  • You can’t jump very far, so places to walk have to be near each other.

And I showed D how to use the tool (it is frighteningly simple, it took him 30 seconds to master it). Then he just went for it.

So, here’s the structure of D’s first level (no enemies or collectables in yet).

You can see this is the ‘designers’ view, rather than the way the player will see it. BG stands for background, anything with C is the cave wall, W is water, WF is a waterfall, and LF is a lava fall. The player starts at the green button, and the person you’re rescuing is at the red cross.

Cool, eh?

So we’ll add the enemies tomorrow, and then see about doing level two.


One response to “Day 16: A First Level Design”

  1. Jane says :

    Wow this is superb – can’t believe how much has been achieved. We are so looking forward to the final version.

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