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Day 5: A Level

Dan spent today getting more used to the tool, moving things around, creating new objects and playing through to see if the level worked.

This is the result. A first level (though Dan was at pains to point out that it is too hard to be the ‘first’ level).


You need the door gem to get on the ramp. The gem (red) is right on the corner of the platform so you need to be careful. On the ramp is a boost (green), which makes it easy to do the final large jump to the third platform. But you have to not go too fast, because the buffer (pink) is in line with the exit, so you need to go around it. Three coins on the level give you an extra point boost. Dan’s top score is 16 on this level so far, mine is 14.

I’ve been impressed with how easy Dan is finding Unity. Switching between overhead and side view, changing tools, adding new items. Really is fun to watch. And this level is pretty good fun to play.

Next thing we need to get rid of some of these out-of-the-box graphics, particularly the checkerboard platforms, I think.